The Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation will strive to prevent domestic violence by providing:

Educational resources on the cycle of violence

The importance of self-worth and self-empowerment

Increase awareness on violence against women

Resources to legal and financial assistance

Through our collaboration with individuals and organizations we hope to:

  • Eliminate re-victimization
  • Increase awareness on violence against women
  • Decrease domestic abuse
  • Promote the GPS monitoring system to track offenders

President’s Letter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

February 14, 2024, will mark the 15th anniversary of our Tiana’s murder and on behalf of the Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation, I want to thank you for your continuing generous support. The Foundation is off to a great start and with your continued help, we hope to raise enough capital to be able to continue fighting for Victims of Domestic Violence by continuing to install Cameras into victims’ homes to assist them in proving their cases in court. During the calendar year of 2024, we plan to expand our service to victims in the State of Florida and Jamaica W.I.. Our goal is also to be successful in making the policing laws for restraining orders as well as the response time for Law Enforcement more stringent so that we can be proactive rather than reactive. We will continue to work wholeheartedly with other agencies to update or enact laws regarding Domestic Violence.

The system failed our Tiana and we want to ensure that other women do not become prey to premature deaths. Tiana would have wanted us to break down the barriers and that is exactly what we will do. We will continue to fight to protect women against a system that failed Tiana Angelique Notice and in doing so, we will continue to be proactive so that hers and other deaths will not be in vain.

To date, we have installed (21) Camera Systems in victims’ homes throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, we have worked with the Connecticut Domestic Violence Task Force to implement new laws. The foundation was successful in getting the GPS laws and other bills enacted into law in Connecticut. We continue to work with the Massachusetts District Attorney’s Round Table to share information on Domestic Violence cases. We have done presentations with Law Enforcement Agencies, Universities, Colleges, High Schools and Churches. We have presented the signs and symptoms of domestic violence in Chicago Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, Massachusetts New York, Ohio, Philadelphia, Texas, Vermont, Washington DC, Boston University, Harvard Law, Mount Ida University, The World Bank School and Inter Development Bank.. We have been interviewed by Nightline NBC, Investigation Discovery, Tarmon Hall Dateline NBC and Crime Watch Daily.

Again, I want to thank you for your support and contributions throughout the past years and hope that our relationship continues for years to come. Please visit our website at and check out our new look.


Alvin Ainsley Notice
President, Father