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Step up Man

Step up and love me or leave me alone.
Step up and have the courage to make me Queen of your throne.
Step to world that will be against us; not everyone is on our side.
Step up and be that “ride or die.”
Step up and dare to fly!
Step up to get love from a real woman.
Step up to the truth, no need to lie anymore-foolish youth.
Step up and receive, what I have and believe.
Step up or step aside.


Tiana A Notice

Lover’s Time

Lover’s Time like the hourglass that never
runs out of sand.
Love that’s timeless
caused and charged by the touch of his hands
The type that woos you into the darkest of
The type that leaves you up pacing.
Lover’s time like minute hands on a clock.
Together hoping…
That the clock never stops.


Tiana A Notice

As I Am

Love me as I am: An extrovert, tidy, organized, sweet, loving, loud as I want to be.

Love me as I want to be: a successful woman, strong-willed, goal-driven, taking care of house and home

Take me as I am, you’ll never be alone.

Love me for my faults: my past, lack of patience, tact, sensitivity.

Take me as I am or have nothing at all.

Responsible only for my rise and fall.

Will be his greatest support and cohort.

Beautiful, smart, and keen.

Love me as I am: smiling, happy, and new.

Love me as I want to be…with you.


Tiana A Notice

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