The Life of Tiana Notice

Tiana Angelique Notice was born on February 4, 1984. She was born to the parents of Alvin A. Notice and Kathy Lewis. Tiana has three brothers, Tyrone, Tyrrell, Christian, stepmother Veronica Notice and stepsister, Natasha Smith. Maternal and Paternal grandparents who loved her very much.

Tiana was a very artistic child who had a love for music. She was always spending her time in choirs and singing groups. She loved to write her own songs and wrote endless poetry. She had a love for all types of music and artists. She was very mature for her age and completed her High School degree at Fitchburg State College. She attended the University of Hartford down the road from her sister Natasha at the University of Connecticut.

In college, she quickly became an activist who was committed to many issues that were facing the people of the United States. Her friends and family knew her concerns about the disenfranchised. She founded a chapter of the Roosevelt Institution on campus. (The Roosevelt Institution is a non-profit, non-partisan, national network of campus-based student think tanks. Its members conduct policy research on the pressing political issues facing the world and present it to policy makers.) Tiana was a campus leader and mentor to the undergraduates in the chapter. This was not the end of her activism work on the campus. She also participated and volunteered at the Women’s Center on campus. The Center also promotes Eating Disorder Awareness Week and World AIDS day.

After graduation, Tiana continued her education at the University of Hartford in the Communication Department. She was one semester away from completing her degree and graduating with a Master’s Degree. She was considering a political or legal career and thinking about a law degree.

Tiana leaves behind her family who loves her dearly and will always remember her beautiful smile and colorful purple outfits. The Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation was founded to honor Tiana’s name and will continue to fight violence against women. Your support is appreciated.

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